How to Generate ATM PIN Code , एटीएम पिन कोड कैसे बनाएं

ATM Pin Generation through SMS

SMS PIN <Space> CCC <Space> AAA to 567676 From Registered Mobile Number Where CCC is the last four digits of the Debit Card Number and AAA is the last four digits of your Account Number.


ATM Pin Generation through ATM

Insert the State Bank Debit Card at any state bank Group Atm.
1. Select Pin Generate

2.  Enter11 Digits Account Number and Confirm

 3. Enter 0 Digits Mobile Number and Confirm

4. Massage will be displayed on the atm screen that the pin shall be received on the Registered Mobile Number . Confirm the same upon Confirmation, one time pin otp will be sent on Register Mobile Number . OTP will be valid for 2 days.

 5 .CARDHOLDERS  asto Create new pin using otp at any state Bank Atm (Banking> pin Change ) to Carry out further transaction.

ATM Pin Generation through internet Banking

LOGIN TO your internet Banking user ID and password.

SELECT E- Service >>ATM Card Service>> Atm Pin Generation.

Use one time password  or or Profile password for Authentication.

Select the Account Number to Which the Debit Card is Linked.

Select the Debit Card For Which you wish to Create / Change the pin

Enter first 2 Digits of the pin as per your Choice and the last two digit of the pin will be sent on the Registered Mobile Number.
Enter all the Four digital ( I.e. the fris two digit self - Choose and the 2 digis sent to Register Mobile Number) and Confirm
These 4 Digits will be the new pin

Atm Pin Generation through IVRS

CARDHOLDERS has to call the bank's Contact Centre( 1800 435 3800/ 1800 112211/080-26599990) From his/her Registered Mobile Number

CARDHOLDERS has to enter full Card Number and Account Number

One time pin (OTP) will be sent on Registered Mobile Number

Otp will be valid for 2 days

CARDHOLDERS has to create new pin using OTP at any dtsta bank ATM (Banking > Pin(, Change) to carry out further transaction.

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