How to check the balance of SBI Bank

Hwo to Check Balance of SBI Bank

Now no need to visit Bank branches for Balance and Transaction Enquiry . It's can be enquiried from the registered Mobile Phone in the Bank Account anywhere and Anytime.
SBI Balance Check
  • For Registration of your Account Type SMS : REG <account number> and send it to 09223488888(Once Only)
  • For balance Enquiry type SMS : 'BAL' and Send it to 09223766666 or give missed Call at this Number.
  • For Last Five transaction Type SMS : 'MSTMT' and send it to 09223866666 or give missed Call at this Number. 
  • Mini Statement Type SMS: Give Missed Call Or 'MSTMT' send it 09223866666
  • Blocked ATM Card Type SMS: 'BLOCK <Space> xxxx' to 567676 (xxxx' Represent last 4 Digits of the Card Number)
  • Car/Home Loan Type SMS: "CAR" Or "Home" to 567676 / 09223588888 
  • Full List Of Service Type SMS: " Help" to 09223588888
Note :- Please Register Your Mobile Number in Your Bank Account to Avail this  Facility.

Lost / Stolen ATM Card Reporting

Please Keep a Separate note of the Card Number and Associated Account Number in a Place Readily accessible immediately Block. The Card if it's is lost , Mis placed or Stolen . Blocking of the card will safeguard Cardholder from any Misuse of Card . Card may be blocked using any one of the Following modes:

1. Through SBI Contact Centre-
1800-11-2211 /  1800-425-3800 / +9180-26599990 - The Contact Centre will ask for Certain information about the Cardholder before Blocking the Card to ensure that it is not used fraudulently by any person.

2. Through SBI Quick Mobile Application-
Using Option " ATM Cum Debit Card " the Cardholder is required to operate the SBI Quick Mobile Application through their registered mobile number only. For Blocking the Cardholder will require the last 4 Digits of the Card.

Through SBI Anywhere mobile Application-
Card can be blocked using the menu Debit Card hosting under Services available under post login page and be guided by options on the screen. Alternatively, Card can be blocked using Options card blocking on the pre-login screen.

Through Internet Banking - card can be blocked if the Cardholder is an internet banking. The users . The function is available is at post logoin " e-Service ATM  Card Services  block ATM Cardyard. 

 Through SMS 

By sending SMS Block <sapacce> to 567 67 from the registered mobile number..Xxxx is the best 4 Digit

Through  SBI Branch

Please visit any nearest SBI branch with a writer nearest SBI branch with offers .

Sbi Balance Check

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